Cindy Kircher, owner of downtown Palatine’s eyebrow microblading studio, eyebrWOW at 21 N Brockway Street, Suite 204, didn’t begin her professional career in the beauty field. She is a full-time financial planner by day in Arlington Heights, her career for more than a decade. In 2017, Kircher had her eyebrows enhanced with microblading and was so impressed with the outcome she was trained and received a certification to help others feel the confidence she experienced with her results.eyebrwow studio

Kircher received training from the Occhi Institute and is a certified microblading artist. She opened her business in January 2018.

“Eyebrows provide the frame for the art that is your face,” said Kircher. “I work to make my clients happy and work to achieve a customized treatment that matches each client’s face and instills an expression of confidence.”

Eyebrow microblading, or “3D brows”, uses fine bladed needles with ink that create tiny hair-like strands to define receding, thinning, or sparse eyebrows, which also helps to shape eyebrows. Eyebrow microblading is a two to three hour procedure performed with sanitized equipment in Kircher’s private beauty studio. Kircher’s initial consultation with clients focus on desired results.

The cost of microblading treatments at eyebrWOW range from $450-$650 and include a touch up treatment four weeks after the initial treatment. Often compared to tattooing, microblading is semi-permanent, lasting from one to two years.

Currently, eyebrow microblading is the only cosmetic treatment available at eyebrWOW, but Kircher is planning to offer eyelash extensions in the future.

For more information visit or call 847-809-1613.