Italian-native and Shine Body Therapies owner Sara Vanin practices massage therapy and Shiatsu at the business location in downtown Palatine. 

Shine Body Therapies is a recently new business located at 134 W. Slade Street in historic downtown Palatine. Owner Sara Vanin believes strongly in the body’s ability to heal itself, with the aid of nutrition and massage and Shiatsu techniques that encourage a higher level of wellness and relaxation.

Vanin grew up in Italy, and there she learned as a young girl that better nutrition was the first correction that Italians made when they had issues such as headaches and body pain. Shiatsu and massage also are utilized for overall wellness.

“I found out early on that when someone has awareness of their body, they have their own tools to overcome issues, challenges and problems – whether they are physical or emotional,” Vanin says.

And so, she began studying Chinese medicine and went through 700 hours of intense training. Vanin learned about meridians, which are pathways through the flows of energy which are intuitively known by the body.

“By changing our posture, we can change our state of mind. Shiatsu specifically is about acting on the body and the mind,” Vanin says. She adds that results are cumulative, like exercise and dieting.

“Consistency is the key with Shiatsu. Ideally once a week is the best way to keep your body fine-tuned and as strong as it can be to fight sickness and even emotional issues, in some cases,” Vanin says.

During a Shiatsu session, the client keeps their clothes on. The main focus is finger pressure. It’s about the pressure, and involves stretching, much like yoga.

“It’s about the pressure applied with hands, fingers, and palms….even though you have a headache, Shiatsu will not treat the affected area, but rather pathways through the body that may be nowhere near where the pain is,” Vanin says.

Issues that are addressed through Shiatsu include back pain, digestive issues, headaches and chronic pain. Vanin suggests a minimum of three sessions in a row before an evaluation is done and a treatment plan in created.

Massage Therapy  also is a substantial service provided by Shine Body Therapies. Essential, and all organic oils are used through gentle touch to address general stress, focus issues and anxiety. The blend of the oils, according to Vanin, are based on Chinese principles.

The main takeaway Vanin wants people to know is  through Shiatsu or massage one can  learn their own body better, and be able to listen to what it is saying.

If you are a musician and play violin, at a certain point the instrument gets out of tune from being used. What Shine does with the instruments (people) is practice Shaitsu on them, which is like a fine tuning tool. It can determine what areas are out of tune, and help the instrument (the body) to find its own voice to better express itself and know its purpose more clearly.

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